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Ozone dispenser for clean air

Ozone dispenser for clean air

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Paper sheet for examinations 100 m

Paper sheet for examinations 100 m

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Anatomic pillow for the back

Anatomic pillow for the back

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Compressor Nebulizer

Compressor Nebulizer

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Anatomic pillow for the back

Orthopedic products » Anatomic pillow for the back


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Detailed description: Anatomic pillow for the back


Anatomic pillow for the back-
Anatomic pillow for the backis made of 100% Visco material - polyurethane elastic (memory foam) for the waist and neck.
It helps maintain the physiological curves of the spine.
It relieves the pain of the cross and is ideal for those who spend long hours sitting or driving
The ideal pillow for people who travel. Special support in the middle for people who travel or work.
It provides a suitable shape and supports the cross, as they adapt to the curvature of the waist.
Adapts to the shape of the spine and back as reduce load.
The pillow helps to relax tense muscles of the spine as the load is evenly distributed
It provides the best support to the waist and waist.
Lined with cotton cloth
Size is: 34cm x 31cm x 8 cm
Visco-elastic Memory Foam - Memory Foam technology (memory foam)
Highly elastic (memory foam) is a unique foam, which is Image decade ago in 1970 by NASA. Initially, the material has been used in spacecraft for orthopedic purposes. As applied in support astronauts during take-off and landing as it absorbs huge forces in the G-forces of gravity.
It reacts to the temperature and becomes soft when it is in contact with the hot parts of the body, and remains unchanged in the rest. Moreover absorbs moisture completely.
It does not contain harmful substances and is manufactured in accordance with European standards allergy is not conducive mites and is not flammable.
Always put on one side and did not turn in the opposite direction.
Globally Visco elastic (memory foam) products are available for many applications that include dormitory.
The pillow is not as simple foam latex.
This product is characterized by the ability to return to its original shape (Elastic) after acceptance of the pressure.
In the material, elastic viscose (memory foam) - as indicated - has billions of bubbles, where they react to the weight and body temperature of the user.
Administered slowly to each applied pressure to the total weight of the human body, is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the layer.
Visco elastic pillow (memory foam) and reduces pressure points.





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